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Experience and innovation since 1947

Since 1947, we have stood for pioneering spirit and excellence in the development and manufacture of technical plastic products. Our mission goes beyond the mere production of pipes, fittings and special solutions made of polypropylene – we create sustainable solutions that are used worldwide in residential construction, industrial plants, public facilities, cultural centres and commercial buildings. The reliability and uncompromising quality of our products have made us a valued partner for customers worldwide.

Guiding principlt: sustainability, environmental protection and economic success in harmony

Our vision is to create sustainable solutions from plastic and to get the best out of this versatile material. We see ourselves as pioneers of sustainable behaviour, environmental protection and economic success – a connection that is evident in all our products and processes.

Our mission and our vision: synergies for sustainable products

With the concentrated experience and innovative strength of our employees and partners, we combine comprehensive knowledge from the various areas of plastics processing. This unique combination enables the creation of unprecedented synergies in development, procurement, production and sales. Our focus is on cultivating methods and processes that drive the manufacture of durable, sustainable products.

MECHANICAL: Innovative PP-RCT pipe system for industrial applications

In the tradition of our many years of experience, we present MECHANICAL, a fibre pipe manufactured in a multi-layer process. This unique product combines easy assembly and installation with an exceptionally long service life and fail-safe operation of systems. The reinforced centre layers ensure maximum stability, a decisive advantage compared to standard PP pipes.

MECHANICAL, made from PP-RCT, is not only corrosion-resistant, but also minimises the risk of deposits. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and at the same time guarantees the reliability and performance stability of the installation. The low weight not only facilitates handling, but also enables quick and safe installation.

Innovation, quality and sustainability are the cornerstones on which MECHANICAL is based – further proof of our commitment to combining state-of-the-art technologies with many years of experience to shape the future of pipework technology.

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