No rust. No deposits.

Practically maintenance-free for decades.

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MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes, fittings and pipe systems offer significant advantages over other pipe systems made of metal or plastic. Find out what PP-R pipes have to offer and discover how our pipes can increase the efficiency of your next construction project.

No rust. No deposits.

With metal pipes, even the smallest weak points, such as small cracks in the insulating jacket, can lead to the formation of condensation and subsequently to corrosion. Rust and corrosion inside the pipes can be combated with anti-corrosion agents – however, this method is expensive, time-consuming and only partially environmentally friendly.

In addition, metal pipes must be drained and cleaned every five years to prevent deposits from clogging the control valves. This leads to rising operating costs.

MECHANICAL is made of PP-RCT and is completely corrosion-resistant; the risk of incrustation and the risk of deposits is extremely low. Thanks to these properties, it requires significantly less maintenance and guarantees the reliability and longevity of the entire system.

Increased stability and compressive strength:

PP-RCT pipes from MECHANICAL are extremely stable and robust. Their special molecular structure enables a higher compressive strength compared to conventional PP-R pipes. This means that they can easily withstand the requirements of demanding applications.

Improved temperature resistance

Compared to conventional PP-R pipes, PP-RCT pipes offer improved temperature resistance. This property allows them to be used in heating and cooling systems where they can withstand higher temperatures.

Chemical resistance:

The chemical resistance of MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes makes them an optimal choice. They withstand aggressive chemicals and corrosive substances, which increases safety and durability.

Low linear expansion:

With minimal linear expansion, PP-RCT pipes exhibit excellent dimensional stability. Unlike other materials, this minimises the effects of temperature fluctuations, enabling precise installations.

Sustainability & environmental friendliness:

MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes not only set standards in terms of performance, but also in terms of environmental friendliness. They can be up to 100% recycled, contain no harmful substances and are hygienically flawless.

Advantages over other pipe materials:

  • PVC pipes: Compared to PVC pipes, PP-RCT pipes are more flexible and more resistant to high temperatures, which considerably expands their application possibilities.
  • PE pipes: In contrast to PE pipes, PP-RCT pipes offer greater stability and can have thinner walls without losing strength.

The difference between PP-R and PP-RCT: PP-RCT pipes differ from conventional PP-R pipes due to their improved molecular structure. These differences result in higher temperature resistance, increased mechanical properties and improved chemical resistance, making them suitable for a wider range of applications.

Choose MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes if you are looking for maximum performance, reliability and versatility in your pipework systems. Contact us for customised solutions and individual advice.

Advantages of PP-RCT pipes – FAQ

Why should you choose PP-RCT pipes?
Answer: MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes offer an exceptional combination of increased stability, temperature resistance and versatility. This makes them a preferred choice for various industries.

Where can PP-RCT pipes be used?
Answer: Our PP-RCT pipes are used in numerous applications, including drinking water installations, heating and cooling systems, industrial applications, ventilation and air conditioning systems, agricultural irrigation systems, chemical industry, food industry, building infrastructure and water treatment.

What distinguishes PP-RCT from conventional PP-R pipes?
Answer: MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes are characterised an improved molecular structure, resulting in higher heat resistance, thermal stability and increased mechanical properties compared to conventional PP-R pipes.

Are PP-RCT pipes environmentally friendly?
Answer: Yes, MECHANICAL attaches great importance to environmental compatibility. Our PP-RCT pipes are made from recyclable material and are free from harmful substances such as lead or other heavy metals.

Is the installation of PP-RCT pipes easy?
Answer: PP-RCT pipes are extremely easy to install. The lightweight pipes and fittings are easy to transport and are simply and permanently joined using socket welding or socket fusion – saving time and money.

Are special tools required for installation?
Yes, the appropriate socket welding equipment and base welding equipment are required for installation and welding.

How does the chemical resistance of PP-RCT pipes contribute to long-term cost savings?
Answer: The excellent chemical resistance leads to a longer pipe life, reduces maintenance and minimises replacement costs, which means long-term cost savings.

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