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Residential construction

The versatility and reliability of the PP-RCT MECHANICAL system is demonstrated its many areas of application. The MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipe system offers unrivalled advantages in terms of durability, efficiency and sustainability.

Individual Single-family homes

MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes for single-family homes

Efficient pipes: Thanks to its smooth inner surface, PP-RCT enables a smooth flow.

Easy installation: The lightness and easy handling of the material make installation easier, especially in residential areas.

Commercial apartment buildings

MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes for apartment blocks

Scalability: Adapts effortlessly to different construction projects, regardless of size and complexity

Durability: Resistant to external influences, ensures long-term and reliable performance

Commercial application

Hotels & Restaurants

PP-RCT pipes for the hospitality industry

Reliability: Addresses the need for reliable piping for kitchens and heating systems.

Resistance: Remains stable under changing temperatures and loads, crucial for cooling and heating technology.

Office Buildings

PP-RCT pipes for office buildings

Efficient supply: Ensures an efficient supply of various media such as compressed air and cooling fluids.

Adaptability: Can easily adapt to the specific needs of office buildings.

Hospitals & Care facilities

PP-RCT pipes for healthcare

Reliable supply: Guarantees a continuous supply of specialised gases and liquids in medical and scientific laboratories.

Safety: High resistance to chemicals ensures safe transport and operation.


PP-RCT pipes for educational institutions

Long-term reliability: PP-RCT’s durability reduces downtime: smooth running of teaching and research activities.

Energy efficiency: In conjunction with air conditioning systems, PP-RCT ensures efficient transport of coolants, reducing energy costs and promoting environmentally friendly operations.

Public facilities

PP-RCT pipes for municipal construction

Load capacity: Withstands high loads and is ideal for use in large public facilities.

Easy maintenance: Reduces maintenance effort, which is an advantage in high-traffic areas.


PP-RCT pipes for schools and nurseries

Long-lasting, low maintenance: PP-RCT reduces maintenance requirements, which is an advantage in schools with limited budgets and resources.

Sustainability: PP-RCT is environmentally friendly and can contribute to a sustainable teaching environment being durable and requiring few resources for maintenance and replacement.

Stadiums & Halls

PP-RCT pipes for sports facilities

Water cooling systems: In sports venues, especially outdoor venues, the ability to integrate PP-RCT into water cooling systems is beneficial to keep athletes and spectators comfortable even at high temperatures.

Low linear expansion: PP-RCT expands minimally with temperature fluctuations, which is particularly important in sports facilities with changing environmental conditions in order to maintain the integrity of the water supply system.

Shopping malls

PP-RCT pipes for commercial applications

Flexibility for remodelling: The adaptability of PP-RCT facilitates conversions and extensions to shopping centres without the need for extensive changes to the water supply infrastructure.

Energy efficiency: PP-RCT can be integrated into air conditioning systems to ensure the efficient transport of refrigerants, which contributes to energy savings.

Anwendungsbereich Industrie

Food industry

PP-RCT pipes for the food industry

Easy to clean: Smooth inner surface of facilitate the cleaning of the pipework.

Hygienic supply: PP-RCT ensures a hygienic supply, crucial for food processing hygiene regulations.

Manufacturing industry

PP-RCT pipes for production systems

Chemical resistance: Ideal for the safe transport of various chemicals.

Durability: Withstands the demanding conditions of industrial processes.

Data centres

PP-RCT pipes for IT infrastructure

Cooling system integration: PP-RCT can be seamlessly integrated into cooling systems to ensure efficient cooling of servers and IT infrastructures.

Resistance to high temperatures: PP-RCT offers high heat resistance in environments with high temperatures caused the intensive use of electronics.


PP-RCT pipes for agriculture

Flexibility: Adapts to the requirements of agriculture, from transporting fertilisers to irrigation systems.

Resilience: Withstands the challenges of different environments.

Chemical industry, pharmacy & laboratories

PP-RCT pipes for chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications

Safety: High resistance to chemicals ensures safe operation in laboratories and production facilities.

Precision: Enables precise transport and use of laboratory fluids.

Supply & waste disposal

PP-RCT pipes for supply and disposal

Resistance: Withstands the high demands of supply and disposal systems.

Lightweight: Facilitates the installation and replacement of cables in large networks.

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