Chemical-resistant PP-RCT pipes for demanding environments

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MECHANICAL PP-RCT plastic pipes offer an outstanding solution for environments where chemical resistance is a top priority.

Universal protection

MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes are designed to withstand a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis and various solvents. This ensures comprehensive protection in demanding industrial environments.

Constant resistance

The chemical resistance of our pipes extends over their entire service life. MECHANICAL relies on high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure long-lasting performance in chemically challenging environments.

Versatile applications

Whether in the chemical industry, food processing or other demanding areas – our PP-RCT pipes offer the versatility required for the safe handling of a wide range of chemical substances.

Customised solutions

MECHANICAL understands that every application has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customised solutions that meet the specific chemical requirements of your application.

Advantages of our chemical-resistant PP-RCT pipes:

  • Safety and reliability: Our pipes offer maximum safety and reliability in environments where handling aggressive chemicals is commonplace.
  • Long-term cost savings: The durability of our pipes and their resistance to chemicals contribute to long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Environmental friendliness: MECHANICAL relies on environmentally friendly materials, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and recyclable products to meet both the requirements of your application and environmental protection goals.

Overview of chemicals that can be transported with MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes

In the brochure “CHEMICAL RESISTANCE PIPES & PIPING COMPONENTS MADE OF POLYPROPYLENE” we have summarised an initial overview of the flow media for which PP-R and PP-RCT piping systems are suitable.

The resistance of pipes and pipe components to flow media depends on the one hand on the type and nature of the plastic, the shape of the pipe component and the manufacturing conditions, and on the other hand on the type and nature of the flow medium. In particular, the duration of exposure, the simultaneously acting temperatures and mechanical loads as well as additional influences of a different nature also play a role. These influences and their effects on the system determine the suitability for an application. Furthermore, depending on the application, special requirements for the pipe or pipe or pipe component (e.g. dimensional accuracy or mechanical strength) must be taken into account. An assessment of the suitability of pipes and pipe components for a flow medium, which is defined as chemical suitability (see DIN 53 756), can only be made on an individual project basis.

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