No rust. No deposits.
Plastic pipes for cooling, heating and industrial applications

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Innovative PP-RCT pipes and fittings for maximum performance:
The first choice for robust pipe systems in plant engineering.

MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipe systems for industrial applications, commercial applications and air conditioning are characterised their high stability, safety, durability and cost-effectiveness. MECHANICAL PP-RCT is a pipe system with unique properties: Ideal for use in industrial plant construction. In addition to their long service life, our products are easy to install and economical. Plastic pipes (PP-RCT pipes and fittings) from MECHANICAL withstand aggressive chemicals and are ideal for transporting demanding media (e.g. acids).

The high corrosion resistance of our plastic pipes also makes them suitable for use in cooling water systems. MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipe systems have proven themselves in media supply and fulfil the individual requirements of a wide range of plant construction projects.

No rust. No deposits.
Extremely robust, long service life.
No corrosion protection required.
Glass fibre reinforced multilayer pipe.
75 % less linear expansion.
Up to 80 % lighter than steel pipes.

The outstanding features of MECHANICAL PP-RCT plastic pipes

Increased stability

Our reinforced PP-RCT plastic pipes guarantee exceptional structural strength that meets the highest demands. In demanding applications, our pipes prove themselves through their robustness and reliability.

Sustainable PP-RCT pipes

MECHANICAL pipes contribute to sustainability through their production, simple transport, easy installation, low maintenance and long service life. The pipes are also up to 100% recyclable.

Resistant to chemicals

Our PP-RCT plastic pipes fulfil the high demands of the chemical industry. MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipes are resistant to many chemicals.

Corrosion-resistant PP-RCT pipes

Our pipes are resistant to corrosion and are therefore ideal for use in demanding installations and systems – even in aggressive environments.

Lightweight material

PP-RCT plastic pipes are up to 80% lighter than comparable steel pipe systems. Easier transport, simpler installation, fewer fixing points.

Hygienic & non-toxic

PP-RCT pipes do not release any harmful or toxic substances and comply with the highest international hygiene standards and norms.

MECHANICAL PP-RCT pipe systems are known for their heat resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Excellent for water supply, heating & cooling systems or industrial and building services engineering. Optimum material properties combined with easy handling.

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